The splendid Calabria, the tip of the boot of Italy,
a well-deserved space has been carved out on National Geographic which defines it as “another world” and “the most delicious secret in Italy”.


Starting from the 8th century BC, with the Greek colonization of Southern Italy, the cultivation of the olive tree was introduced in the area called Magna Grecia the extraordinary production and diffusion of the oil is given to us by the discovery of vases and coins that testify to the presence of the olive tree at the time.

The Caccurese territory is located in the hills, in the middle between the Ionian Sea and the Sila, a strategic position between the sea and the mountains where there is a mild and temperate climate, in spring and for the duration of the summer months when the wind blows Grecale feels the sea breeze, suitable for the cultivation of olive trees of various qualities in greater quantities Pennulara and Carolea.

A territory kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, which lends itself very well to the agriculture of olive trees that give us a fruit of extraordinary quality.


And Calabria is just like that, land of perfumes and colors, caressed by the clear Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea and guardian of ancestral secrets between art, history and wild and mysterious nature.

Kissed by the sun in a welcoming climate, it offers incredible landscapes between rocky coasts alternating with coasts of fine sand and an uncontaminated hinterland where the green of the majestic forests and mountains merges with the blue of waterfalls and lakes.

Calabria is able to satisfy everyone’s tastes, from history and culture lovers, to nature and hiking enthusiasts, obviously to reach those who want to relax on the beaches of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts.

all this is enclosed in each of our beloved olive trees , and guarantees us an extremely genuine extra virgin olive oil.