Pennulara is a dual-purpose cultivar, i.e. table and oil olives, it grows near the Basilian Caves and is present in the Municipality of Caccuri and in a small part in the neighboring municipalities. For this reason, being an autochthonous plant, the Pennulara is also called “Nostrale di Caccuri”. it is a plant of medium and large stature with a pundular bearing with lanceolate leaves of a light color, the fruit is medium / large of an intense black color with violet reflections at full maturity.

Medium intensity fruity olive oil reminiscent of green picked olives. On the nose hints of freshly mown grass, light sensations of artichoke and olive leaf. Good fluidity in the mouth, the taste is balanced with bitter and spicy tones diluted in the slight final sweetness of dried fruit (walnut and almond). Pennulara extra virgin olive oil raw is the natural seasoning of Mediterranean cuisine.

Oleic acid greater than 80%| High Fluidity | Low Palmitic Acid | Value Excellent ratio between Oleic acid and Linoleic acid and between saturated and unsaturated

“those who taste it say it’s an oil different from the others