our oila centuries-old tradition

We have learned and evolved the knowledge of our ancestors, and after more than a century now, we are carrying on our values ​​that are based on attention to the environment, ethics and quality. Values ​​that are reflected in every drop of our oil. For this reason, we work giving the best of us, with passion and continuous research, to achieve high certified quality.

100% Pennulara oil, native plant present in the Caccurese area. Golden in color and with a delicate and fruity flavor, it has a scent of freshly mown grass and hints of artichoke. With a balanced taste of amararo and spicy, with a note of dried fruit (walnut, almond).

Blend of Carolea, Pennulara and Nocellara Messinese oil, with a bright green color. Its strong flavor stands out, on the fruity palate with hints of green apple and an intense aroma of fresh grass. Young oil with the right spicy note.