it is an oil that comes from three types of plants, the Carolea which is an excellence of our region, and the Pennulara native plant of our municipality. The Carolea which is a plant that is grown throughout the Calabria region, and Nocellara Messinese used as a pollinator plant.

In our territory Caccurese is well presented, this is part of the ancient varieties, the plant is quite vigorous with medium-high stature, dark green leaves, the fruit is medium-large, dark red in color when fully ripe. The extra virgin olive oil AETERNUM is a condiment used in the Mediterranean diet, it is an excellent quality oil, obtained from the first pressing of the fruits. The Aeternum blend is an oil with three types of olives, Carolea, Pennulara and Nocellara Messinese, plants present in the territory.

With a bright green color, its strong flavor stands out, on the fruity palate with hints of green apple and with an intense aroma of fresh grass. Young oil with the right spicy note.